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We are a small, family owned operation with a focus on building long-term customer relationships by offering unparalleled service, the best products available and a collective, technical knowledge base that is accessible and concise. Our business is helping your business to succeed and grow!

Our main focus is on carpet cleaning and restoration professionals. We have achieved an elite level of expertise in this arena because we've done it successfully for ourselves. Professional Carpet Cleaners Supply was born out of a need for competitively priced chemicals and equipment for the cleaning professional. We thrive today by meeting those ever increasing needs! PCCS stays on the cutting edge of technology and education so that PCCS customers are the most well-equipped and competent players in their fields!

Most of our customers know that we stock a wide variety of chemicals, parts and equipment; but did you also know that we service vans, truckmounts, portables and other equipment? We also offer IICRC certification classes, as well as workshops on a variety of topics.


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Our Vision

The landscape is changing for cleaning and restoration professionals. New challenges arise everyday and the playing field continues to become increasingly competitive and diverse. With unprecedented events like the pandemic, Texas’s freeze and continuing severe weather events, it is more important than ever that we equip our customers to respond quickly and proficiently in these crisis level events.

Our vision is to stay on the cutting edge of cleaning and restoring technologies so that our customers can continue doing the hard work they do everyday. We will continue to grow our knowledge base and train our service department & staff. We will continue our efforts to offer the absolute best in equipment, tools, supplies and chemistry. Our vision is one of progress, partnership and profit in an ever changing world with increasing demand for the very services we equip our customers to perform.



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