Repair & Maintenance

If your equipment isn't functioning at optimal levels then you are loosing money, period. Here at PCCS we understand that any cleaning professional wants to protect their business investments with regular servicing and maintenance performed by highly trained and knowledgeable technicians. We service both the equipment we sell and other brands as well, don't hesitate to ask! Our service technicians can design custom install packages for new equipment in addition to coaxing the maximum amount of hours out of your older pieces of equipment. Be sure to call ahead as these services require appointments.

We have been very selective in employing only the most highly qualified individuals with many years of experience to do damage control when you need it most! We know how hard you work, and we're here to keep you going.

Services We provide

Regular Interval Service

Each machine we sell comes with detailed manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly maintain the unit. We’ve become experts at maintenance over the years and what we have found is that preventative maintenance is key to the longevity of your machine. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have your machine in for regular service intervals. The timing is different for each machine, so be sure and talk to David about when to bring your machine in!


Oil changes are one of the most common services we do. Just like your car, your truckmounts oil needs changing at regular intervals. We also sell the oil filters and oil if you want to do your own. Be sure to ask for full service if you need fluids and belts checked.


Our amazing mechanics can repair just about anything! However, it is important to note that we may not always be able to source parts for everything. We are an authorized warranty repair center for all the brands we carry like Prochem, Sapphire, Hydramaster, Sandia, Mercury, Drieaz, Phoenix, X Power and more. If the equipment that you need repaired is a brand that we do not carry, we will do our best to coordinate with you and the manufacturer to obtain the parts you need. We do charge our normal labor rate for diagnostics.


If your machine needs repair, is under warranty and you bought it here, you’re first on our priority list! Even if you didn’t purchase your machine here but it is a brand we sell and still under warranty, we can still help you!

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