Fiberlock Technologies

For over 30 years, Fiberlock Technologies, Inc has been the leading manufacturer of products used to address environmental, safety and health hazards. Founded on the core beliefs that superior quality, definitive science and enduring service are the keys to corporate success, Fiberlock has grown to become one of the most respected names in the abatement and remediation industry. In 1978, Fiberlock launched its flagship product ABC® Asbestos Binding Compound, the most successful asbestos encapsulation solution on the market. This was followed by LBC® Lead Barrier Compound, which is accepted for use in all 50 states as a permanent lead abatement method. In 1984, Fiberlock developed the first mobile containment system which was originally used for asbestos abatement. Since then the Kontrol Kube has evolved to become the leader in biocontainment products, dust and particulate control and patient isolation in health care facilities. Today, the Kontrol Kube can be found in thousands of hospitals and facilities worldwide. In 2001, Fiberlock introduced its IAQ™ line of mold remediation products including Fiberlock ShockWave® – the most versatile disinfectant/sanitizer & cleaner on the market with over 140 organism kill claims and AfterShock® Fungicidal Coating – the first coating EPA registered to kill mold. Fiberlock has supplied environmental control products to customers such as the Pentagon, Disney World, IBM, Mobile, Amtrak, DuPont, The National Gallery of Art, Harvard University, NASA, General Electric, AT&T, General Motors, thousands of private homes, and hundreds of military facilities throughout the world. Browse their biocontainment products below.
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