FSRT Fire And Smoke Restoration Technician

Carpet being repaired

The Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician course concentrates on technical procedure for successfully completing the restoration of a fire and smoke damaged environment. Students will learn how to combine technical procedures with a practical approach to managing the job site and how that relates to pricing the job. (2 day course; 14 hours, not including exam time, lunch and breaks)

Fire and smoke work is highly rewarding and extremely profitable. A fire in someones home is a traumatic experience for them. The need to make their home inhabitable as soon as possible is extreme and pressing. Many times insurance companies are involved in these situations but even if they're not, it is well worth it to a homeowner to pay whatever amount necessary to get their home back. In addition, it is extremely gratifying to transform a home riddled by fire and smoke damage into something even better than they had before. It's one of those jobs that gives you a sense of real accomplishment in knowing that you have truly helped people.

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