Meet The Team

Rob Smith (Owner of Professional Carpet Cleaning Supply)

Rob Smith is the owner of PCCS and can answer virtually any technical questions you might have about the industry.


Rob is a rock star musician who can play many different instruments but really shines on the drums, guitar, and harmonica. His favorite band is The Beatles. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast and loves giving his grand kids rides on his new Ducati! He is an animal lover as well and spends lots of time at the dog park with his voluptuous Bull Terrier, Zoie. His two daughters Robyn, and Suzanne love having the privilege of working with him everyday!


Rob Smith has been in the Carpet Cleaning Industry for almost 40 years. He is a guru with an infinite wealth of knowledge pertaining to carpet cleaning, restoration, equipment, sales techniques, IICRC instruction and certification, chemicals, and being a stellar human being.

Rob joined his brother and brother-in-law cleaning carpets in 1977. As the company grew, and began to offer new services, Rob became proficient in water and fire restoration, upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and caring for expensive equipment. In 1983 the trio opened Prochem of Texas and began selling supplies and chemicals to other companies in the metroplex. They changed the name to Professional Carpet Cleaners Supply in 1988 and since then Rob and his team have been serving the cleaning service professionals of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex with unbeatable service and support. By offering all the best brands on the cutting edge of technology in these fields, we stay a step ahead of the game.

Rob is a magnanimous, hard working individual who has gone well beyond the call of duty to help our customers succeed. It is not a rare occurrence to find him putting his years of experience to use and wrenching on machines in the shop, or simply delivering an order to a long time customer who's too busy to come by, as a courtesy. He is a father, grandfather, friend, professional, and all around awesome guy!

Reana Day (Shipping Clerk)

Reana Day keeps all the things you need right at your finger tips, keeps the showroom floor beautiful, and makes sure shipping runs smoothly.


Reana Day is a fun and friendly mother, sister, friend and co-worker. She loves to go shopping with her daughter, and spending time with her son too! Reana can tear it up in the kitchen! She spends a lot of time with her family and makes people smile everywhere she goes!


For thirty years Reana worked for the same company before moving out to Whitt, TX to be closer to her family. Luckily for us, after her move she came to work here at PCCS! Reana keeps our showroom stocked and pristine and our warehouse and shipping operations running like a well oiled machine! Reana's attention to detail and diligent work ethic are the reason we are able to service customers outside of the DFW area by shipping our products to them! She is an asset to our team.

David Carroll (Sales and Purchasing Manager at Professional Carpet Cleaners Supply)

David Carroll is the sales and purchasing manager, the man who makes sure we've got what you need to operate your business.


David is a family man and a pillar of his community. He is the former Fire Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department in Whitt, Tx and served this community organization for 15 years. He and his wife Candy have two children and nine grandchildren whom they adore. David is also an avid fisherman and is feared by big mouth Bass and Crappies across Texas Lakes!


David has been in the industry for 40 years. He began his career with PCCS 30 years ago. David has flourished within the company, learning all the specifics of carpet, upholstery and hard surface cleaning during that time. He, like Rob, has a stockpile of relevant and helpful knowledge to increase the effectiveness and success of our customers. When our customers have technical obstacles while working in the field, David is the man they call to talk them through it. When there are extreme weather conditions in the metroplex, David is the man who pre-orders equipment and supplies so our customers have the tools they need to respond first. He is the warm and friendly voice that our customers hear as soon as they walk through our doors. "Hey wild man, what's going on?" "What can I do for you today, Big Time?" He is the one who goes to bat for the hard-working, self employed individuals that comprise our clientele; the man who considers not only the money that people spend in our store, but more importantly, the long term relationship we look to foster with them.

Suzanne Smith (Office manager at Professional Carpet Cleaners Supply)

Suzanne Smith's primary concerns are a) cashing checks and b) snapping necks. She can also approve your credit application.


Suzanne has an amazing green thumb and can make anything grow. Her backyard in the springtime is a burgeoning paradise! True to her profession, Suzanne LOVES to clean and has a fierce affinity for Lemon 409. She really loves to hear Rob Smith play the drums on Saturday nights and also enjoys 80's music. She is a homebody and spends most of her time at home with her husband and daughter


Suzanne attended the University of Texas at Arlington before she came to work for Professional Carpet Cleaning Supply in 2000. Since then she has become an indispensable part of the company. Suzanne handles the cash money! She makes sure the bills and the employees get paid on time and is also a self taught IT professional. She has implemented various incentive programs for employees like "work, or get fired", "I'm not your mother", and "if you want me to pay you, you have to clock in". Suzanne has been attending IICRC classes, trade association conventions, and impromptu tutorials in our store for many years. She is knowledgeable, and can formulate practical business solutions.

Robyn Smith (Marketing Specialist at PCCS)

Robyn Smith oversees the marketing that PCCS does online, with social media and in print.


Robyn enjoys listening to live music! She, like her sister Suzanne, loves to listen to Rob Smith jam on Saturday nights at the jam room! Robyn is an avid reader and has a real passion for writing. She is particularly interested in history and non-fiction. Robyn has two children and loves spending time with them and her niece, as well.


Robyn has worked in the carpet and restoration industry since 1994. She attended The University of Texas at Arlington, where she studied biology, before coming to work full-time for Professional Carpet Cleaners Supply in 2006. Since then, Robyn has come to understand what it takes to successfully market and advertise for a small business. With the help of her father, Rob Smith and the tireless tutelage of her ever patient mentor David Carroll, Robyn has come to recognize the strategies and techniques that help our customers thrive in a competitive market. Robyn is currently focused on how to integrate search engine optimization and internet marketing with lead generation to solidify long-term business growth.

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