RCT Rug Cleaning Technician

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(Prerequisites: IICRC Certification in CCT or CCMT, and UFT) The Rug Cleaning Technician course covers area rug identification and appropriate cleaning techniques and methods to professional cleaning, restoration and inspection service providers as well as others in related industries. Emphasis will be placed on teaching cleaning theory, practical application, hands-on techniques, and understanding cleaning limitations. (2 day course; 14 hours, not including exam time, lunch and breaks)

Adding rug cleaning to your arsenal of services can equal big profit. Whether your doing on-site rug cleaning or taking them to your custom rug cleaning facility, the fact is that as in-home trends turn more and more to hard surface flooring, homeowners cover those surfaces with rugs. No one wants to have to call a ton of different companies out to their home to take care of cleaning that could be done by one multi-faceted company. That means huge opportunities for more business, if you have the skills to do the job!

Thousands of people in North Texas have fine, expensive rugs in their homes. You will find wool rugs, silk rugs, Persian and Oriental rugs, hand made, antique or family heirloom rugs, just to name a few. Although the maintenance care of these rugs is relatively simple, deep and restorative cleaning requires specialized and intricate training. Identifying fiber type, caring for the delicate fringe, and preventing dyes from bleeding are all crucial to effective cleaning of these gems, without damaging them.

Once your trained to perform this highly specialized service, you put your company above your competitors in range of services offered and technical knowledge.

Rug Cleaning

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