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In addition to the IICRC training, we offer specialized workshops to help you take your services to the next level. Many times, representatives from our vendors will send one of their seasoned professionals to conduct a free workshop on a specific topic. They will give free product samples, a catered lunch, and tons of information that make your practice easier and more efficient.

The above pictures are from a tile cleaning workshop that the owner here at PCCS, Rob Smith, did a few months ago. It was super informative and everyone had a great time. Rob talked about all the different stone and tile types one may find in a home, the best cleaning and protecting techniques, and how to seal grout as well. Everyone got hands on training out in our warehouse where we have tons of different types of flooring laid out for this very purpose. Rob introduced them to the various product lines we carry for stone and tile care and even gave out some free samples. Afterwards, he took everybody to lunch at North Main Bar-B-Que to finish off the workshop! Don't miss out next time we offer one of these, they're tons of fun and the best advice and suggestions you'll get anywhere!

You can click here to see an example of a manufacturer sponsored workshop.

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